Sara + Sean | Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

I've shot a boat load of weddings and I've also never cried at one. Don't get me wrong, I get pretty emotional but I'm the type of person who doesn't like to cry in public because I don't just shed a tear, I UGLY CRY. I even try not to cry in front of John when we're watching a movie or TV because I get so embarrassed. 

When Sara + Sean exchanged vows that they wrote at their wedding last summer at the Los Angeles Athletic Club in DTLA, I couldn't hold it in. Their vows were so funny, sweet, humbling, and reminded me of how much I love John that it totally got me. I cried. I kept it professional and didn't ugly cry (ok maybe a little) but I was definitely feeling the love. 

Thanks to Sara + Sean, we wish you the very best and I'm so happy your favorite photo is of the old man running through your shot. Cheers!