Jones + Lou | Avalon Hotel & Melrose Engagement

When we first talked about their engagement session Jessica + Miguel, aka Jones + Lou, wanted a mid-century modern and urban look with a twist of Amy Winehouse. I did my research and came across the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. This place is mod dream! So for their session we hit up the hotel, walked around Melrose and finished at one of their favorite bars, The Darkroom.

These two are so amazing and tomorrow we celebrate their wedding with them at The Unique Space in Downtown LA! We can't wait!

Briana + Wes | Redlands Engagement

"What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame but something wild to run with" - Robert Brault

Running around Redlands with Briana + Wes for their engagement shoot was so much fun! Not only did we shoot in downtown, but we headed to Prospect Park and the University of Redlands. Briana + Wes had so many fun ideas and combined with our quirk, we made magic. Dress up in authentic jewelry and clothes from their travels? Magic. Wes is studying to be a dentist and Bri has a sweet tooth? Magic. 

Can't wait for their wedding tomorrow at the Mitten Building in Redlands. We've got a little something up our sleeves too...

Melinda + Brian | Fallbrook Wedding Photographer

I'm so happy to share Melinda + Brian's wedding! Their engagement session (check it out here) was the very first engagement session I ever posted on our blog!

We started their day at the Temecula Creek Inn with getting ready shots and one of my favorite First Look set ups! Both Brian and Melinda went into their first look with such a cool and calm sense of excitement. Brian patiently waited under two massive, overlapping trees as Melinda approached and tapped him on the shoulder. It was one of the sweetest and most endearing moments to document. A scene straight out of a movie! 

Melinda + Brian's ceremony and reception took place at the gorgeous Wedgewood Fallbrook. We whole heartedly thank you and wish you the best!

Sara + Sean | Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

I've shot a boat load of weddings and I've also never cried at one. Don't get me wrong, I get pretty emotional but I'm the type of person who doesn't like to cry in public because I don't just shed a tear, I UGLY CRY. I even try not to cry in front of John when we're watching a movie or TV because I get so embarrassed. 

When Sara + Sean exchanged vows that they wrote at their wedding last summer at the Los Angeles Athletic Club in DTLA, I couldn't hold it in. Their vows were so funny, sweet, humbling, and reminded me of how much I love John that it totally got me. I cried. I kept it professional and didn't ugly cry (ok maybe a little) but I was definitely feeling the love. 

Thanks to Sara + Sean, we wish you the very best and I'm so happy your favorite photo is of the old man running through your shot. Cheers!

Mario + Melissa | Los Angeles Engagement Photographer

Mario + Melissa, otherwise known as M&M, have been incredibly fun to work with! I remember we were so excited for their engagement shoot because they had a bunch of fun ideas. Anytime we can step out of the box with our couples, we are all for it!

So we met up in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles and ended at one of the best spots for a view of the LA skyline. Look  for their wedding coming up here on the blog in a couple days!

John + Pam | Los Angeles Engagement Photographer

I would first like to explain that this blog post was written a little over a month ago while John and I were in the Bay Area to shoot John + Pam's wedding. Everything was set to publish and then my laptop said no. Needless to say, I'm upgrading my laptop very soon. 

I'm happy to finally be able to share this beautiful engagement shoot and can't wait to share their amazing wedding!


You know that saying, "It's a small world"? Like when you are in the middle of nowhere and you run into someone you know? John + Pam have one of the best and most chill inducing "it's a small world" stories. When we first met John + Pam they told us how one day John happened to show Pam a picture of him and a group of kids from his church group. He said, "Look honey that's me when I was little". Pam couldn't believe her eyes when she looked at the picture. She pointed to a little girl standing next to John and said, "That's me!" I just about died when I heard their story! What a serendipitous moment! They were meant to be!

And now at this very moment John and I are hanging out in our hotel room relaxing before we join John + Pam for their church rehearsal and dinner. Tomorrow we will be documenting their wedding in the beautiful town of Pleasanton in the Bay Area! We have been so excited for this day to come and I can't believe how quickly we got here! So before the big day, we wanted to share their engagement shoot up at Griffith Observatory. xx

A Blog Revolution!!

Today marks the start of a LOVEMADE blog revolution!! I finally upgraded from the Macbook that I bought all the way back in 2008. So now that I can work from anywhere, I'm going to blog away to my heart's content!

I'm excited to share the engagements, weddings, and all the happy moments of our amazing clients and friends. Not to mention some other goodies along the way.

Let the blog love begin!!

Debra + Luis | Destination Wedding Baja Mexico

When John and I arrived to the Puerto Nuevo Baja Hotel the day before Debra + Luis' wedding, we were greeted by them, their friends and family with laughter, dancing, karaoke and drinks all around! We knew right away that we were going to have an amazing time documenting their day. Debra and Luis tied the knot overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico and even though it rained that day (they say it's good luck) there was no stopping these two lovebirds from having the time of their lives! We had such a blast and we can't thank enough Debra + Luis, their friends and family for having us there and making us feel right at home. Congrats Mr + Mrs Mares!

Beverly + Josh | Redlands Engagement

I'm so excited to share this awesome engagement session of Beverly + Josh! I met Beverly at the Bride World Expo at the Riverside Convention Center earlier this year and sparks ignited! She knew I was the photographer for her and I am so honored to be the one to document her and Josh's big day!

When we started talking about ideas for their engagement shoot Beverly mentioned if she could incorporate her horse, Robin Hood. My response went something like, Ummmm, YES! Along with her and Josh's adorable pooches, Wifi + Bella, we had fun exploring Downtown Redlands. We then headed to the Redlands countryside where we met Robin Hood and I died from how rad the location was!

I can not wait for Beverly + Josh's summer wedding next year at Serendipity!

And just a quick note! I'll be at the Bride World Expo next month on Sunday, September 21st. I'm looking forward to meeting future brides + grooms to be! For more info click >here<